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Preventing & Rehabilitating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

How Do We Exercise to Prevent or Rehabiliate Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Welcome to This current site will discuss exercises for the prevention and rehabilitation of carpal tunnel syndrome – and will also discuss symptoms and treatment considerations.

As with any exercises program, consult your health care professional before beginning.

For the framework of the site visitor, there are three main considerations when strategizing carpal tunnel exercises that will contribute towards the prevention and rehabilitation of carpal tunnel syndrome.
They are:
1) Circulation – carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when there is poor circulation causing an increase in the pressure of the carpal tunnel that alters the function of the median nerve. We strongly urge our Handmaster Plus users to maintain maximum circulation via complete and convenient carpal tunnel exercises that move the hand, wrist and forearm through full balanced ranges of motion -with regularity.
2) Muscle tone – the stability of all joints and all functional passageways in the body can be greatly affected by the muscles that surround the joint or passageway. It is for this reason that we strongly urge our users to address proper muscle tone in preparing their body for daily activities.
3) Muscle balance – the presence of muscle tone alone does not necessarily mean that a joint or passageway is supported properly. Long is the list of injured people who have exercise diligently. Instead, it is super key to exercise PROPERLY. Proper exercise means balanced exercise. In the history of the hand, wrist and forearm training, hand muscle balance has traditionally been sacrificed for grip training. The result is a short-term strength increase and a long-term imbalance. Handmaster Plus ensures that users will strengthen and balance the hand muscles properly using carpal tunnel exercises so that the hand and wrist joints and the carpal tunnel can be properly supported.

Feel free to surf our site and learn about our simple carpal tunnel exercises program using Handmaster Plus. It is a complete, convenient and cost-effective approach that addresses the concerns of strength, balance and blood flow that contribute to the mechanical causes of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Before you begin

Posted on Mar 30 2014 by Dr. Terry Zachary

Another key consideration when addressing carpal tunnel syndrome is that the bulk of the carpal tunnel is taken up by the eight finger flexor muscles and one thumb flexor muscle. That’s a lot of flexor tendons coming through the space that is as big as your index finger!

If these flexor tendons become thickened or inflamed the increase the pressure within the carpal tunnel and decrease the space. It is for this reason that is super key to have healthy flexor tendons and ensure that they can handle their work or hobby without aggravation.

Thus, we must understand the mechanics of how the finger tendons work. The finger flexor tendons contract via the support of the finger extensor tendons. Please read this twice as it is super important when performing carpal tunnel exercises. For the finger flexor tendons that pass through the carpal tunnel to have a low risk of aggravation, they must be well toned so they are not overwhelmed or overworked, resulting in inflammation. The finger flexor tendons work most efficiently when the finger extensor tendons that support them in their actions are also strong and supple. Anyone who has had carpal tunnel syndrome or is worried about developing carpal tunnel syndrome must make sure to strengthen all the muscles that open the hand as well as the muscles that close the hand when they perform hand exercise.

Handmaster Plus addresses the inherent mechanics of the hand. Users perform one continuous exercise allowing the hand to open and close against resistance through natural ranges of motion until they feel comfortable fatigue. There are no complicated exercises to memorize. Instead of three or four exercises Handmaster Plus allows users to perform one continuous exercise of opening the hand and closing the hand and repeating. There are no longer any excuses to not do proper preventative or rehabilitate of finger exercises.

When all of the muscles of the hand are strong and balanced, the flexor muscles of the fingers and thumb the passive the carpal tunnel are far less likely to be aggravated and inflamed. Further benefits are increased grip strength, hand speed and range of motion – all leading to better performance.

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Posted on Mar 16 2014 by Dr. Terry Zachary

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a surprisingly misunderstood condition. There seems to be a real lack of effort or lack of interest in determining the cause of carpal tunnel syndrome. The standard course of treatment is diagnosis, bracing, drugs or surgery. You know the solutions proposes a solution for cause.

One of the categories where carpal tunnel syndrome is found to be more common is in situations where there is poor circulation such as diabetes and pregnancy. Carpal tunnel exercises stimulate efficient circulation to and from the carpal tunnel, thus minimizing the effects of poor circulation. Anyone at a high risk for carpal tunnel syndrome – for example, grip sports, music, grip workplaces and people with known poor circulation – should be doing carpal tunnel exercises regularly, not only to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome but also to improve performance.

Carpal tunnel syndrome results from an increased pressure in the carpal tunnel that affects the function and normal activity of the median nerve. All efforts to cure carpal tunnel syndrome must focus on reducing the pressure inside of the carpal tunnel in the short term and in the long-term. Because of repetitive gripping, it is rare that anyone in our society has very good circulation through the carpal tunnel and hands and wrists. It is only one the hands and wrists are exercised through their full natural ranges of motion in balance the proper circulation can be established.

Handmaster Plus makes it super easy to exercise the hand through its full natural ranges motion thereby stimulating strength and balance and maximum blood flow at the hand, carpal tunnel and wrist. When we are active in exercising an area the body responds to this environment of increased activity by providing more efficient blood flow to and from the area. This includes the more improved lymphatic drainage function. The result is healthier tissue, healthier passageways and healthier joints.

Most of what you read about carpal tunnel syndrome would have one believe that the condition is determined by luck of the draw. In most cases, carpal tunnel syndrome can be prevented by exercising the hand and wrist through their full natural balanced ranges of motion.

See Handmaster Plus carpal tunnel exercises for prevention or rehabilitation of carpal tunnel syndrome

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